Solar power is here to stay. It’s been steadily on the rise in the US and it’s only getting more efficient. There is still the possibility of being able to get generous tax credits for installing solar panels, and when you install enough wattage combined with enough sunlight, you’ll be able to save a bundle of money when it comes to your electricity bills. 

As we’ve all seen our utility bills go up, it makes the idea of investing in a complete solar panel array for your home more desirable. Many solar panels are built with durable materials meaning they’ll be there for the long term. 

Another benefit of going solar is to use excess energy you’re producing to charge a backup generator. With the right setup, you’ll be able to store that extra energy in case of any power outages and emergencies. 

Why not just use a conventional generator?

There’s been plenty of upgrades to conventional fuel-operated generators as well that have allowed for them to power homes for quite some time while being quite fuel efficient at the same time. Yet these tend to be quite noisy and can be quite dirty with the exhaust that they produce. 

While the power input they tend to offer lasts for quite some time and can easily be refilled with more fuel during a power outage that lasts a long time, the overall machinery needs consistent maintenance and doesn’t last as long as batteries and generators powered by solar energy.

Why go the solar energy generator route?

There are many battery storage options with solar power, and they primarily come in a lithium-ion model. These batteries are some of the most optimized delivery sources of energy that can help maximize the output before the main grid comes back online. 

In addition, there are some excellent options that will all store electricity from the attached solar panel grid. This is more than just a backup generator; but also can help to optimize power usage when still connected to the grid or with the solar power you’re getting consistently daily. 

Solar is your best bet

Going solar is the easiest way to utilize an alternative energy source for your backup generator. Whenever you’re ready to upgrade your backup power needs or even consider going completely self-sufficient, we’re here prepared for any questions that need to be answered and build you out a customized solar energy installation plan.