Solar energy has been around for quite some time now. Yet, now it’s more affordable than ever, and there are even numerous government incentives to look into that help homeowners fund and finance these solar panel installations.

While there can be additional State benefits, there’s already a federal one to consider that can be up to several thousands of dollars for deductions and credits. Keeping that in mind, we can take a look at how solar energy is also good for the environment.

Less reliance on fossil fuels

How we power everything these days is still through dirty pollutants. We primarily use fossil fuels such as oil and gas, and simply trying to procure and refine these fuels has a huge environmental impact when we try to acquire them. From mining the fuels to transporting them to chemically refining them, all of this has a significant effect on the environment.

Decrease in greenhouse emissions

When you switch to solar energy, you’re getting your power straight from the sun. It’s consistent daily and has become much more efficient and sustainable in recent years. However, fossil fuels require extensive amounts of water to harness their energy, which leads to water pollution and air pollutants from factory runoff.

Also, when fossil fuels are burned to produce energy, they’re actually releasing greenhouse gases that lead to rising global temperatures. These temperatures themselves cause the climate change that we’re starting to experience these days.

Get on the path of energy independence and save

Another issue with fossil fuels is that there’s a finite amount. That means it becomes a commodity with fluctuating pricing. As we’ve recently seen how much that fluctuation can be and how it can affect local household budgets, it’s something that will be avoided with solar panel installations.

In fact, once the panels are installed, the savings on your utility bill can be seen as early as the next cycle. If you get the right type of setup throughout the home, especially with electrical heating, you can power your whole house through the energy harnessed by solar panels.
This can mean thousands of dollars per year saved on utility bills, to a point where you may no longer even have to pay for electricity. On top of that, it helps to immediately increase your home’s resale value if you’re considering selling it in the next few years.

Going green never looked better

For those in the Melrose, MA, area, we’re ready to help you begin this path to energy independence and going green. We can help you with the various types of solar panel options and just how big of a setup you’ll need based on your current electrical needs.
At the same time, you can breathe calmly as most solar panels easily come with warranties that last up to 25 years, so this can be a long-term investment that is also protected. And to add to that, you’re not only helping to preserve the environment and save yourself some money, but the panels themselves can also act as another way to provide insulation and protect your roof too.