You’ve already started on the right path once you consider getting solar panels installed on your roof. It’ll help the environment, help reduce your utility bill, and can eventually have you producing excess energy. It’s an excellent long-term investment that is a great overall cost-effective solution.

Prepare to Get Solar Panels Installed

Solar panels will be going on your roof, so it’s important to note what type of roof you have, as some tops are better than others when it comes to placing solar panels. Remember that this doesn’t mean that if you don’t have this roof type, you cannot have solar panels; installing them will just be a bit more work.

Metal roofs

Specifically metal roofs with standing seams. Why? Because it makes it easier with installation. Those seams that are popping out make it simple to place and secure the panels without the need to do any drilling. Since metal roofing also tends to last the longest, you’ll be able to ensure the complete lifespan of solar panels in many cases, as the panels can last up to 25 years.

Asphalt shingles

This is an excellent option for panels because of the material they are made from. This mix helps to keep the shingles strong enough to hold the solar panels while at the same time versatile enough to adapt to the placement of the panels. Drilling will need to be done to install the studs that will secure the panels, but the asphalt will be able to hold its shape. Shingles are common in New England so professional solar panel installation services often have experience working on this type of roof.

Tar and Gravel

If you’re lucky enough to find these types of roofing at an optimal angle, they also make for great support for solar panels. It’s easy to drill through them as needed, and they’ll be made up of several layers of asphalt, so there are no structural issues. However, remember that many of these types of roofing are found flat, and if you want to maximize the overall efficiency of solar panels, you’ll want to have them at least at a 30-degree angle.

In the end

These are the best types to house solar panel roofing. Yet if you find yourself with clay or stone tile shingles, there’s the possibility that the drilling may crack the tiles. It just needs to have specialized care taken when installing it on this more troublesome roofing. Again, as previously mentioned, it’s still possible, but it simply won’t be an ideal solution.

Try not to let that deter you, as solar panels are still one of the best investments you can go for in your home these days. This is becoming truer as the cost of electricity and energy has skyrocketed, and having ways to produce your own energy can help alleviate the budgeting burden that comes with it.

Whenever you’re ready or if you have any specific questions related to solar panels and your roof type, feel free to reach out to us, and we’re all set to answer any questions you may have for us.